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Do you work with PLC’s or associated products? Now you can take advantage of the low cost and easy to use RENU Electronics product range in Australia.

RENU FlexiPanel HMI with I/O

Photo courtesy of RENU Electronics

August 2019:  RENU Electronics, a leading manufacturer of PLC’s, touch screen HMI’s and associated products, have appointed ESIS as their Australian distributor for their full range of products. 

RENU’s “FlexiLogics” range of PLC’s and “FlexiPanel” touch screen HMI’s are well known around the world to be very competitively priced, easy to use and versatile programmable logic controllers. Models are available from basic low cost PLC’s, up to full featured HMI+PLC all in one units complete with Ethernet networking, expandable I/O and data logging to SD cards. All models are standards compliant and designed for compatibility with other leading brands of PLC’s. 

To complete the product line up, a full range of I/O modules (stand alone and plug-in) is available, along with several industrial communication modules and gateways. RENU’s PC based programming and configuration software “FlexiSoft” is freely available to download, allowing you to set up your system easily and get the job done fast.

Now that ESIS is distributing the RENU range in Australia, you can be assured of great local technical support. Our Sydney based qualified engineers have been trained at RENU Electronics in India, so with our product knowledge plus our close relationship with the factory engineers, we can help you get your system working with a minimum of fuss.

FlexiLogics HMI's

Photo courtesy of RENU Electronics

RENU Electronics is a dynamic and fast growing company based in Pune, India. Having dominated the domestic market in India for decades, they are now exporting their products to several countries including USA, Europe and Singapore.  The company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and all the products are certified for CE, UL and EMC. Some products are also certified for UL Class 1 Division 2 making them suitable for many different industries.

UPDATE: We now have our range of RENU HMI’s and PLC’s available to view on the Esis website. Click here to browse the range, and feel free to contact us for pricing and product information. 

We’ll have more details of individual RENU products and applications in the coming ESIS newsletters, so watch this space!

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