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Are you responsible for managing a facility, be it a server room, warehouse, production floor or equipment room? Jacarta’s iMeter and interSeptor monitoring solutions are not just suitable for data centres, but are also great in a wide range of other locations such as warehouses and production facilities. Whilst there are, of course, many differences in the way in which the different locations operate, most of the environmental risks the same: high/low temperature & humidity, water leaks, power failure, and security breaches are all likely to cause issues. In this blog, ESIS introduces the Jacarta iMeter, which offers a comprehensive solution in monitoring environmental conditions. 


Photo courtesy of Jacarta

Available Sensors

A range of sensors are available for use with the Jacarta iMeter including the following:

  • Temperature (0°C – +75°C)
  • Temperature Extended Range (-40°C – +75°C)
  • Thermocouple (-200°C – +500°C)
  • Temperature/Humidity (0°C – +75°C & 0 – 100% )
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Smoke Detection
  • Security Sensor (Door/Window)
  • Power Failure
  • PIR Motion
  • Vibration
  • Dry-Contact Cable (for connection to third-party equipment)

Receive Alerts to Alarm Conditions

A key component of any monitoring system is the ability to send effective alerts in the event of potential environmental threats. Depending on the device in use, users can be alerted to problems via:

  • Email
  • Audio Visual Alarm Beacon
  • SMS Text Messages (using an optional modem)
  • Telephone Voice alerts (using an optional modem)
  • Dry-Contact Relay Output
  • SNMP set commands sent to existing systems
  • On-screen Alerts

The alerting matrix featured on our iMeter and iMeter Lite allows customised alerts to be sent to key personnel. For example, in the event of a temperature-related problem, an email alert can be sent directly to the facilities management staff, whereas a security breach may trigger a phone call to security personnel. Users can also define custom escalation procedures helping to ensure that any threats to network infrastructure are dealt with before any serious problems are caused.

Log Data For Analysis and Audit

All of Jacarta’s network-based monitoring devices offer a degree of onboard logging and graphing and are also SNMP enabled for integration into other “monitoring and logging” platforms. Data can be extracted for analysis and audit purposes which can lead to improvements in management and energy usage.

Below is an example graph showing historical data collected by a temperature sensor connected to the iMeter Lite device.


Photo courtesy of Jacarta

Integration with Facilities and BMS

In many warehouse facilities, there will be existing systems such as UPS, BMS, security and fire suppression systems. Jacarta solutions can integrate with these systems in a number of ways including Modbus, SNMP & dry-contact cables.

This integration can function both ways as well, with the Jacarta solution acting as an input and/or output device. Following are two such examples:

As an Input Device:

Connect the Jacarta device to the ‘battery-low’ dry-contact output of an onsite UPS and receive alerts via the devices alerting mechanisms in the event of the UPS battery reaching a critical level during a power failure.

As an Output Device:

Connect the Jacarta device to an onsite BMS via Modbus. When a sensor connected to the Jacarta device enters an alarm state, the BMS can take action based upon this.  One such example would be to turn off certain systems, such as water pumps, in the event of a water leak alarm. Switching to back-up lighting systems when a power failure is detected is another example.

Since 1971, ESIS has been a leading supplier in the Australian industrial electronic equipment market. You can check out our extensive range of products and services, designed exclusively to cater to your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of devices that effectively monitor environmental conditions, or feel free to browse the ESIS website. 

Article courtesy of Jacarta. 

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