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In the wake of ‘Earth Day 2019’, we’ve been looking at how Data Centre and Server Room monitoring products can help users to minimise the impact that their business has on the environment. The IT industry is one of the most power-hungry sectors with some estimates stating that 20% of the energy produced globally by 2025 will be used for Data Centre operations. 

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Let’s take a look at a few ways that monitoring your DC systems can help you to reduce your environmental impact:

Reduce Energy Consumption By Increasing Operating Temperatures

A huge amount of energy is used in Data Centres to maintain “ideal” operating conditions (temperature and humidity). But when reliable monitoring equipment and strict monitoring procedures are in place, it is possible to increase the temperature within IT environments – thus reducing power consumption. This can be done safely in the knowledge that if the environmental conditions stray outside of normal operating levels, the monitoring equipment will immediately send alerts. Then remedial action can be quickly taken before network stability is compromised. 

Identify and Reduce Reliance on Power Hungry Equipment  

By utilising power monitoring tools, it becomes easy to identify what equipment is particularly inefficient. By reducing reliance on outdated power-hungry hardware overall power consumption can be drastically reduced.

In addition, with continuous power monitoring on all your racks, you can measure the effects on power consumption, of increasing the data centre temperature. For example server cooling fans will typically run faster in a hotter environment, which offsets the cost savings of increasing the overall room temperature. Having effective monitoring of both temeprature and power consumption allows you to trial different temperaure setpoints in each season, and find the optimal temperature to save you the most money, saving the environment at the same time.

Data Centre

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Maximise Hardware Efficiency and Reliability to Reduce Hardware Waste

Effective monitoring means the hardware can operate in the most energy efficient but stable conditions, increasing product efficiency and reducing the chance of premature failure. Replacing faulty equipment results not only in financial costs but also environmental costs associated with the manufacture and distribution of new hardware as well as the disposal of the old.

These benefits not only help to reduce the environmental impact of IT operations, but also increase organisational efficiency and reduce costs – it really is win-win!

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Article courtesy of Jacarta. 

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