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Most medium to large companies will have multiple critical equipment rooms within their premises, where effective monitoring is required to ensure business continuity. In order to make monitoring these locations as easy and efficient as possible, it is desirable to view and manage the collected data from a single dashboard. There are a few ways to achieve this using Jacarta equipment – the easiest by far is using PYXIS DCIM Lite Software.

PYXIS is a powerful monitoring application that enables Data Centre Managers to collect, record, display and analyze critical performance data from IT infrastructure and facilities equipment. PYXIS has been designed to offer many of the key benefits of a full-blown Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution but at a fraction of the cost.

PYXIS can collect data from all Jacarta devices so that monitoring, alerting and reporting can be handled centrally. As PYXIS is SNMP-based it can also collect data from other SNMP-enabled devices such as UPS, Generators, BMS & more and can act as a central hub for facilities and IT managers.

This monitoring application can keep a check on multiple rooms or areas within a single location, PYXIS can also collect data from multiple locations providing there is network connectivity. Custom mapping allows users to tailor their setup to suit their requirements – be it a single site with a few monitoring devices or a nationwide company consolidating their monitoring application.

PYXIS Monitoring Application

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iMeter Master and Slave

The iMeter is a server room & equipment monitoring solution that can measure power consumption, temperature, humidity, and also monitor a wide array of sensors such as water leaks, smoke, security, air flow, voltage, etc. The system is based around a Master & Slave configuration. Each Master and Slave device provides 8 x ports that can function as sensor inputs or relay outputs. The connection between the Master and Slave devices uses standard cat5 cable up-to 300m in length. A common use would be to install the Master device in a central server room and then connect further Slave devices in secondary locations within the same building to provide additional coverage.

The iMeter also has a Virtual Sensor feature that allows the device to collect data from other devices via SNMP. The device has the capacity for up to 80 x Virtual Sensors all of which can be viewed from the summary page and utilize the same central notification system as physical sensors, meaning that alerts can be sent via Email, SNMP, SMS & Relay Output.

iMeter Monitoring Application

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interSeptor and interSeptor Pro

The interSeptor and interSeptor Pro server room monitoring devices connect to temperature/humidity sensors using a cat5 cable of up-to 80m in length. It is, therefore, possible to locate the device in a central location and run a cable to secondary locations.

The temperature/humidity sensor also provides 2 x sensor inputs for our Go-Probe sensor range including water detection, smoke detection, security, motion, power and more. This system architecture removes the need for additional cable runs between the host device and other rooms.

ESIS distributes a wide range of multiple room monitoring application with a single dashboard and is the leading supplier of industrial electronic equipment in the Australian market since 1971. Choose from a range of diverse products to best suit your requirements. Contact us right away to discuss your needs. 

Article Courtesy of Jacarta

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